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KES 7 Capital Inc. (“KES 7”) was formed in October, 2013 and is a merchant bank that targets bespoke investments for both its own capital and that of its funding partners, that include institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

Our name is an acronym of “King Edward VII School” (KES 7) – a private, secondary school in the United Kingdom. It was here where our founder’s mother, at great personal sacrifice, sent her son for his education and to equip him so that he could chase his dreams. KES 7 is that dream and we named our firm as a tribute to her.

We specialize in creating and/or finding high-quality, high-growth, public or private companies. Our areas of expertise include cannabis, energy, healthcare, technology, industrials and real estate.

KES 7 is split into 2 divisions:

  • KES 7 Merchant Bank: The partners and board at KES 7 invest their own capital directly into companies where we feel there is appropriate alignment with management. Where appropriate we also invite our institutional and family office partners to invest alongside us. We can participate at any level within the capital structure and, once invested, we will advise the company on all aspects of the capital markets, from M&A, debt and equity financings and public listings. KES 7 will only invest where it believes it can be a valued-added partner to the investment.

  • KES 7 Trading: We provide liquidity through a “grey market” or “over-the-counter” (OTC) trading operation. This allows “permitted clients” (such as institutional investors) and “accredited” individuals to purchase or sell private company securities. Since inception, KES 7 has traded over 360,000,000 securities in private companies.
Investing Philosophy
“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”

(Warren Buffett)

KES 7’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that wealth is created through ownership. As such:

  • Our goal is to “find or create, own and grow”.
  • We fund companies, managements and assets that we believe can deliver superior growth and shareholder returns.
  • We think and act as principals.
  • We make sure we are properly aligned with management.
  • We do not manage third party capital. We invest our own money.
  • We provide ongoing capital markets support, advice and execution.
  • We are liquidity providers.

Raised: $0.9 billion
Advised: $1.2 billion

KES 7 Capital Inc. is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and, including Ontario, is registered to operate in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We are a member of PCMA (Private Capital Markets Association of Canada) and OBSI (Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments).

Since inception, KES 7 has successfully completed over $1.2 billion in advisory assignments and raised $0.9 billion of capital for our portfolio companies. Additionally, we have traded over 360 million private company securities. We are specialists in the following areas of corporate finance:

  • Structured Finance (debt and equity)
  • M&A Advisory
  • Go Public
  • Reverse Takeovers (RTOs)
  • Corporate and Business Development
  • Grey Market (OTC) Trading
Trading Desk

Providing liquidity through grey market trading.


KES 7 operates one of the largest “over-the-counter” trading operations in Canada. Since the division was created in 2014, we have traded over 360,000,000 securities of private companies.

We set up the trading business to accomplish 2 primary objectives for our partners:

  • Liquidity: Conventional wisdom suggests that private company investors, whether they be institutional or high-net-worth, can only become liquid through a corporate sale or public listing. This is not true. Millions of private company securities can trade in “grey” or “over-the-counter” markets. KES 7 is a specialist in creating these markets.
  • Corporate Shareholder Redistribution: Prior to institutional investor participation, many private companies are funded via management, friends and family. As the company grows and the requirement for growth capital increases, it becomes important to maintain shareholder alignment. KES 7’s trading division enables us to help a company transition its shareholder base to these larger funding sources and provide liquidity for early investors.

For more information on this service, please contact Mark Christensen at 416 926 4387.


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