Cuda Oil and Gas Inc.: Investor & Advisor


In the summer of 2015, when the global energy market was weathering some of its most extreme volatility, KES 7 partnered with a proven management team to create a new energy company called Cuda Energy Inc. The team has created, built and sold five similar companies in the last decade. We believe the counter-cyclical investment strategy will enable Cuda to take advantage of the dislocation in energy markets to provide it with low-cost entry into conventional assets. Efficient asset capture will position Cuda to be able to show exceptional organic growth into the next cycle.

In June, 2018, Cuda announced that it was going public via RTO with Junex Inc. Concurrently, the Company also announced that it was purchasing an interest in a high-growth, light oil asset in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, USA.

KES 7 (and affiliates) is a founding shareholder of Cuda and was financial advisor to the Company on the RTO and asset purchase.

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