Digital Assets International Inc.: Investor & Advisor

KES 7 Capital Inc. (“KES 7”) is a founding shareholder of Digital Assets International Inc. (“DAI”). DAI was incorporated in 2017 and is a corporation that has been set up to create an alternative investment vehicle to acquire, optimize and manage a global portfolio of ultra-profitable websites (UPWs). UPWs are typically high-growth, high-margin digital businesses that can scale quickly. Their revenue models generate recurring revenue streams through either advertising, subscriptions or SaaS (“software as a service") licensing. We believe there is a global pool of over 10,000 UPWs that are potential targets to be consolidated. DAI’s growth is expected to be both vertical and horizontal, with revenue and cost synergies between platforms. 

In addition to being an investor, KES 7 is also financial and strategic advisor to DAI.