The Harlowe Inc.: Investor & Advisor

KES 7 partnered with Roundtable Capital Partners Inc. to create a real estate investment fund – RCP KES 7 Real Estate I LP, where Roundtable is the manager of the Fund and KES 7 provides administrative and strategic advice.

The Fund was created to invest in a single asset –The Harlowe Inc. (“Harlowe”), which is a 14-storey, 218-unit, residential condominium building in downtown Toronto. Harlowe is being developed by an affiliate of Lamb Development Corp., Lamb Harlowe Inc. (“LHI”), founded by award-winning condo developer Brad J. Lamb.

The Fund’s investment in Harlowe consisted of two components. Firstly, it bought out the secured, junior mortgage on the property from a group of syndicated mortgage holders and secondly it purchased 50% of the equity in the project to become an equal partner with LHI.

KES 7 (or affiliates) is an investor and advisor to the Fund.